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Breda Jazz Festival krijgt na 25 jaar nieuwe programmeur: ‘We denken dat we in Breda een heel mooi festival kunnen neerzetten’

Het Breda Jazz Festival gaat verder met een nieuwe programmeur. De vaste programmeur, Roland Kompier, stopt er na 25 jaar mee.

21-07-22, 15:21

Eelco van Velzen wil van Breda Jazz Festival landelijk en internationaal een begrip maken

Als nieuwe programmeur van het Breda Jazz Festival moet Eelco van Velzen (58) nog even wennen aan de vele telefoontjes en berichtjes die sinds zijn aanstelling vorige week binnenkomen. ,,Het is nog maar net bekendgemaakt en toch weten ze je meteen te vinden”, zegt hij in de gezellige ‘chaos’ van zijn kantoor annex studio op het bedrijventerrein Minervum in Breda-Oost.

28-07-22, 10:30

Winnaars karel van eerd music award 2021-2022

“Sons of Freud’s Wife is a six-piece international, compelling band that was funded around its member’s love for the music of Jazz Idiom, Charles Mingu’s. The Sons will leave you with a full heart and a dancing soul through its In-your-face, chaotic and humorous musical attitude and appearance on stage.” During the finale they did exactly this and that is why they have won the Grand Prize.


Aanmelden Breda Jazz Festival

Zou jij net zoals anderen graag willen performen op het Breda Jazz Festival? Dat kan!

Bands kunnen zich melden bij: performing@bredajazzfestival.nl

Jun 14, 2021

Who are we?


Festiventures, a company based in The Netherlands in the city of Breda, is a new force in the music industry focused on the post-covid reconstruction and expanding future of Europe’s independent live jazz business. Jazz is one of the most inventive, innovative, and resilient art forms, and today’s Jazz musicians carry forward its traditions. We’re glad to partner with these jazz industry stakeholders.

Festiventures, with the versatility of jazz at heart, first announced the Karel van Eerd Music Award, an innovative new Award in Jazz and core to the company mission.

Festiventures, with the versatility of jazz at heart, first announced the Karel van Eerd Music Award, an innovative new Award in Jazz and core to the company mission. Karel van Eerd Music Award.

Soon, Festiventures will announce an online platform for musicians, bands, bookers, presenters, and music fans, as the second program in the Festiventures mission to the expanding future of the jazz industry in Europe.

COVID dealt an extraordinary blow to live cultural industries. For Jazz in Europe, cooperation across the industry is the only way to expand the future for jazz musicians, presenters, and fans.



Festiventures BV was founded in 2019 as an extension of an initiative by entrepreneurs Karel van Eerd and Eelco van Velzen. Led by Eelco, a great team is busy producing music-related content, organizing and producing the Karel van Eerd Music Award and we are going full throttle on the development of MusIQ365.


Festiventures BV develops music formats for radio, TV and online and produces those programs in its own Festiventures Content Factory. We also produce countless instructional videos and training sessions that will be available on the website MusIQ365 .


Many bands and soloists, from amateurs
to professional, like most jazz concert and festival organizers, face quite a few challenges. The goal of MusIQ365 and Festiventures is to remove these challenges.

Over MUsiq365

There are plenty of platforms for bands to present themselves and their music to their fans. There are also many websites for concert and live music organizers to find bands. But being discoverable is not the same as being discovered.

And once an organizer and band have found each other, tickets must be sold. The fans must be found, because without fans, there is no live music business.

MusIQ365 helps bands and organizers with every step – from idea to concert – stimulating never-before-possible collaboration with purpose-built software tools.

Jazz is mainstream. We’re dedicated to make more concerts in more places for more people.

MusIQ365 is one of the most comprehensive efforts to reinvigorate live jazz as the thriving, relevant business it should be.

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The Karel van Eerd Music Award (#KVEMA) is a brand-new award and music competition that will take place annually to honor the efforts of great jazz bands around the world. The first edition has started with 119 bands registered.

On the KVEMA website you can stay up-to-date with the latest news about the contest, the March 13, 2022 finals, and more content and opportunities.

Bands have a chance to win funding, bookings, promotion, travel expenses, and more for their next European tour. The Grand Prize is valued at € 25.000! See Contest Terms and Conditions for all details about Prize Terms and value.

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Eelco van Velzen

Eelco van Velzen

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Patrick Witberg

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Menno Vermeulen

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Oren Krinsky


Joost Tazelaar

Joost Tazelaar

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Mike Reijerman

AV Specialist

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Jules Romijn

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Chief Happiness Officer

"Music is a language that everyone understands"

Eelco van Velzen


Festiventures BV specializes in content creation, software development, and artist management.

Do you feel drawn to the Festiventures mission? Are you a creative person with a passion for music? Do you have a 'get-it-done' mentality? Are you extremely passionate and ambitious?

Check out our openings or contact us if you think your knowledge and/or skills would enrich us and our mission.

Festiventures offers internships regularly, which are published on the websites of Hogescholen and stagemarkt.nl.


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