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Festiventures BV, based in Breda, Netherlands, operates in the music industry. For now, Festiventures is focused on the post-COVID reconstruction of the live jazz music ecosystem in Europe.

Jazz is one of the most versatile music genres, and jazz musicians are typically highly creative and adaptable. You can find jazz influences everywhere, even in many pop songs, Hollywood films, and trendy coffee shops; jazz music is unavoidable. Jazz music is mainstream!

The mission of Festiventures is equally versatile. The first step taken by Festiventures when it came into the public eye is the Karel van Eerd Music Award.

Due to COVID-19, the cultural sector has had to endure significant setbacks. The only way to recover from this is through intensive collaboration with everyone who considers it as important as Festiventures BV does. With our conviction and international contacts, we are working on an online platform for musicians, bands, concert organizers, music enthusiasts, and above all: fans!

Even Festiventures BV did not emerge unscathed from that period. Moreover, our significant partner, Karel van Eerd, passed away in December 2022. Besides being very saddened, his departure has had significant implications for our capabilities, leading us to say goodbye to our audio and video production facilities. We also had to bid farewell to our involvement in other initiatives, such as the Breda Jazz Festival. Following a relocation to the city center of Breda, we are now ready for the next phase in perfecting the software for our platform.



Festiventures BV is an extension of an initiative launched by entrepreneurs Karel van Eerd and Eelco van Velzen in 2019. Under Eelco's leadership, an exceptional team has been working on the production of music-related content, organizing and producing the Karel van Eerd Music Award #KVEMA, and initiating the development of MusIQ365.



Festiventures BV develops music formats for radio, TV, cross-media, and online. Above all, we are focusing on perfecting the software for our platform MusIQ365 , which we plan to launch in the course of 2024.



Many bands and solo artists, from amateurs to professionals, as well as most jazz concert and festival organizers, face quite a few challenges. The goal of MusIQ365 and Festiventures is to address and overcome these challenges and connect the highly diverse and numerous (small) players with each other. The ambition: MusIQ365 aims to become the largest 'artist-run' agency for live music.


Eelco van Velzen. © Pix4Profs-Ron Magielse

Eelco van Velzen leaves as programmer of Breda Jazz Festival after only a year.

Eelco van Velzen steps down as the programmer of the Breda Jazz Festival after just one edition. According to Van Velzen, the passing of the financier and Jumbo founder Karel van Eerd has put his company, Festiventures, in a precarious position.


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Passing of Karel van Eerd

Passing of Karel van Eerd

"Sad about his passing but grateful for his ambition, sharp mind, and his warm heart for jazz music, we say goodbye to Karel van Eerd. The countless conversations, music journeys, joint performances, and car rides gave rise to the ideas that have led to the projects that Festiventures BV is working on. Without him, they would not have come to fruition. Proud of his friendship and trust, we continue to pursue our mission: to bring about more jazz performances in more places for more people!"


Trombonist Eelco van Velzen is the new programmer of the Breda Jazz Festival. © Pix4Profs-Ron Magielse

Eelco van Velzen aims to establish the Breda Jazz Festival as a national and international sensation.

As the new programmer of the Breda Jazz Festival, Eelco van Velzen (58) is still getting used to the numerous phone calls and messages that have been pouring in since his appointment last week. 'It has only just been announced, and yet they manage to reach you right away,' he says amidst the cozy 'chaos' of his office-cum-studio on the Minervum industrial estate in Breda East.


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Trombonist Eelco van Velzen performs with Harry Kanters at the Avenue in Breda. Van Velzen, along with his organization Festiventures, is set to become the new programmer of the Breda Jazz Festival. © Pix4Profs/Joyce van Belkom

Breda Jazz Festival gets a new programmer after 25 years: 'We believe that we can create a very beautiful festival in Breda.

The Breda Jazz Festival continues with a new programmer. The longtime programmer, Roland Kompier, is stepping down after 25 years.


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Sons of freuds wife

Winners Karel van Eerd Music Award 2021-2022

"Sons of Freud's Wife is a six-piece international, captivating band that was formed based on its members' shared love for the Jazz Idiom music of Charles Mingus. The Sons will fill your heart and make your soul dance with their in-your-face, chaotic, and humorous musical style and stage presence." During the finale, they delivered precisely this, which is why they have earned the Grand Prize.


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There are many platforms where bands can showcase themselves and share their music with their fans. There are also websites where concert organizers and individuals planning events with live music, in essence, becoming occasional organizers, can search for the bands they want to have perform. However, being discoverable is not the same as being found.

And once an organizer and a band have found each other, the next step is to convince enough of the public to buy tickets for the concert. Because ultimately, it's the audience that foots the bill. Naturally.

MusIQ365 assists bands and organizers through all of these steps, encourages collaboration, and helps smaller organizers (often passionate music enthusiasts themselves) and lesser-known bands get on the radar. In addition to matchmaking, we also provide functionality for promoting concerts, selling tickets, and maintaining contacts with fans.

Jazz is mainstream. We aspire to have more concerts in more places for more people!

MusIQ365 is likely one of the most comprehensive efforts to make live jazz relevant again.

We have a long way to go, but fortunately, we are not alone. Sign up for the newsletter.

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The Karel van Eerd Music Award is a band competition that has been organized twice so far by Festiventures BV. Participating jazz bands had the opportunity to win financing, bookings, promotion, travel, and more for their upcoming European tour.

Alongside an external producer, we are preparing edition #3. To be continued!

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Eelco van Velzen

Eelco van Velzen

Founder & CEO


Menno Vermeulen

Full Stack Web Developer


“Music is a language that everyone understands”

Eelco van Velzen